Royal Cliff Hotels Group receives ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group recently received the internationally-recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate becoming the first Convention Hotel in Thailand to achieve both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

In order to meet the criteria for the Quality Management Certificate, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has refined its existing policies, developed new service-oriented programmes and implemented a wide-ranging plan of increased awareness among staff at all levels.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group’s commitment towards service excellence is evident from the dozens of awards it received throughout the years, including Award of Excellent Service (2000) by the Thailand Incentive & Convention Association, Best Resort Accommodation (2002) from the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Best Resort Asia/Pacific for 8 consecutive years by Travel Trade Gazette (Asia) & Pacific Asia Travel Association.

General Manager of RW TUV (Thailand) Khun Prayoon Tosanguan, Ph.D. formally presented the certificate to Royal Cliff Hotels Group Managing Director Mrs. Panga Vathanakul in a brief ceremony held at the resort on 30 March 2004. Pattaya City’s newly elected Lord Mayor, Khun Niran Wattanasartsarhorn, was also present to witness the ceremony.

“We are very proud to have achieved this certification as it is a testament to our success in the drive to develop the resort even further, – said Mrs. Vathanakul. – We strove to improve several of our facilities using the RW TUV guidelines and we hope that our guests and partners will become the main beneficiaries of this effort.”

The ISO 9001:2000 is a set of guidelines established by the International Standards Organization and is currently adopted by more than 70 countries around the world. It aims to provide companies and organizations with a common approach to applying a quality management framework for achieving customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group retains ISO 14001 certifications

Following a successful reassessment by the Management System Certification Institute of Thailand (MASCI), the Royal Cliff Hotels Group recently received a three-year extension to its ISO 14001 certification. The resort first received the certification in 2000 for a period of three years and, in doing so, became the first resort hotel in Thailand to be recognized with ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management certification given to those organizations that implement as well as comply to a strict environmental policy. The Royal Cliff Hotels Group has long been at the forefront of environmental issues in Pattaya, dating back to 1973 when it became the first hotel in the city to construct its very own wastewater treatment plant.

Other factors which have enabled the resort to achieve certification include:

  • regular environmental awareness training for staff
  • a system of waste management, recycling and disposal
  • a “save water/energy” campaign involving both staff and guests
  • the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and products
  • the establishment of an environmental committee within the resort
  • daily beach-cleaning exercises
  • a leadership role within the community


In addition to ISO 14001 certification, the resort has also been the proud recipient of the Thai Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment’s “Environmental Impact Assessment” award and the “Best Resort Accommodation (Eastern Region)” award from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, both for two consecutive terms and in recognition of its high environmental standards.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group becomes first resort hotel in thailand to receive ISO 14001 certification

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group has received ISO 14001 certification from the Thailand Environment Institute, making it the first resort hotel in Thailand to receive the internationally-recognised ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

Through the Environmental Management System, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has refined its existing environmental policies, redeveloped / added new environmental programmes and increased awareness among staff at all levels of the importance of being environmentally conscious.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group already has various environmental programmes which it maintains on a regular basis. The resort has its own water treatment plant where wastewater is treated and filtered for use in the resort’s gardens. In addition, waste materials are sorted and recycled, and wherever possible, biodegradable waste matter is used as compost within the gardens. Extending its environmental awareness beyond the property, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group also organises monthly activities where staff members take part in cleaning the beach at Royal Cliff Bay as well as nearby islands.

Royal Cliff’s track record of its commitment towards environmental issues includes the Environmental Impact Award (EIA ’99) presented in September 1999 by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Thailand as well as the Most Environmentally Aware Hotel award which was presented to the resort in October 1996 by Thailand Traveller magazine.

Green programme

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group has been championing environmental conservation since its establishment in 1973. It is the first Hotel Group on the Eastern Seaboard to have its own water treatment plant and the first in Thailand to achieve ISO 14001 Certification.

Measures implemented by the Royal Cliff in support of environmental conservation include formulating and implementing an environment policy, using treated waste water for gardening and flushing, recycling waste, planting endangered trees, encouraging staff and guests to minimise power consumption through an energy saving campaign and involving the local communities in beach and road cleaning activities.

The environment policy of the Royal Cliff is implemented in the strictest way to maintain and improve the environment. With the involvement and support of its executives and staff, the Policy Guidelines are implemented in letter and spirit. Under the policy, an Environment Management Committee (EMC) has been set up with the Royal Cliff’s executives who volunteered to oversee implementation of these Guidelines.

With the active involvement of the guests and employees in the campaign since 2006, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has successfully reduced electricity consumption by 3.87 KWh or 4.47%, water consumption by 0.11 cu.m. or 5.55% and oil consumption by 0.38 litres or 7.37% per room night.

The efforts made by the Royal Cliff Hotels Group towards the conservation of environment received a fitting recognition when it was presented with the ISO 14001 No. EMS 0301/114 from the Environmental Institute / MASCI on 20 March 2003 for achieving international standards in enviroment management.

The Royal Cliff is the first in Asia to achieve both the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2004 and the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 Certifications.

In recognition of its practices, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group was presented with the prestigious EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Monitoring Award four times from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006.

Ever since its establishment in 1973, the Royal Cliff has, so far, won more than 95 awards from reputed national and international organisations, including the biennial Kuoni Green Planet Award in 2005 and 2007 from Kuoni Travel of Switzerland.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group is the only hotel in Asia to be inducted into the prestigious TTG Travel Hall of Fame by TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) Asia for 7 consecutive years.

Tree Planting Initiatives

Reaffirming its commitment to environmental conservation excellence, Royal Cliff has an exciting tree planting program where Flame trees would be planted in various vital locations on behalf of the companies who select PEACH as the venue for their events.  This long-lasting commitment to environmental sustainability reflects the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility.

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